Membership Application Form

Membership to Walkers Lane Allotment Association is open to registered plot holders and co-workers on Walkers Lane Allotment.
 For  less is than 20p per week the benefits of membership are :
  • Public Liability Insurance (as required by St Helens MBC in 17.1 Allotment Rules) to cover accidents to any member of the public on your plot & Product Liability
  • Membership of the National Allotment Society (otherwise charged at £23).
  • AGM every November.
  • 3 meetings per annum
  • Discounted seeds from the industry’s best Kings Seeds. The National Allotment Society’s official seed partner, offering a 40% discount on retail prices to members who buy through the seed scheme. Kings Seeds will offer help and advice to all members.
The Association year runs 01 April to 31 March. The cost of membership is currently £10.00 per year per member and is paid in full at whatever point of the year a person joins.
The association works closely with its members and the Council to maintain and improve amenities on the allotments. We especially aim to provide a strong and united voice in our dealings with the Council.

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