Project 18

Project 18
(Currently updating  March 2019)

The 2018 Objectives :
·         To convert a vacant allotment plot into a Community Plot and to utilise the adjacent parcel of communal land to provide facilities. We believe that in having a welcoming community plot this will encourage people from the surrounding area to be more active and consider a healthier lifestyle as well as improving the mental health wellbeing of every user, it will also encourage the community sprit amongst everyone. It will develop friendships and encourage networking amongst like-minded people from around the surrounding area.  Initial inquiries at the local community centre and primary school indicated there were several groups that would be interested in utilising the facilities of a Community Plot with supervision if one were available locally. The initial stage would see members of Walkers Lane Allotment Association undertake responsibility for the clearing and regeneration of plot 36, together with the adjacent parcel of communal land. Installing raised beds and a 10 foot x  8 foot greenhouse on plot 36 with forward planning to make these wheelchair friendly so that the community plot would be accessible for all.
·         To create/provide facilities on site. These being a shed for educational, meeting and socializing purposes.
·         To provide a composting toilet. At present we have a large number of tenants, who are either retired, or have some form of disability, and thus they require going the toilet more frequently. At the moment the amount of time that they can spend cultivating their plots is very much restricted by the lack of facilities on site. Therefore having a composting toilet on site, would allow our allotments to be more accessible and user-friendly, to not only the current allotment users, but it also open them up and provide an opportunity for new users, who may have a disability.
·         To create a community environment to help prevent social isolation. To improve the health and mental health well being of our members.
·         To arrange and host a number of social events on the site throughout the year to make the community more inclusive with the possibility to open our gates open to the wider public for events such as National Allotment Week.
Achieved so far:
 Reformed Walkers Lane Allotment Association in 2016 uniting the on-site community
 We've been donated a 10 foot x 8 foot greenhouse, staging and a coldframe.
  2 benches 4 foot in length.
A portaloo to utilise until a composting toilet is available on site.
 £100 donation from Usdaw
·       Received donations of seeds along with a number of items to raffle to the association members this year to raise funds towards the project.  
A The 10 foot x 8 foot shed that was donated to us has been restored.
   £100 donation from Asda Foundation
Barbecue and 2 bags of charcoal
     Obtained written permission from St Helens MBC Parks and Landscapes section to convert plot 36 into a community plot
During 2018 we received a number of donations of items that we could recycle to create the community plot and enhance the communal area. Topsoil and the means to transport it to the site, concrete panels to enable us to create a raised bed suitable for a wheelchair user, paving flags, folding tables, chairs, fence posts, items to create a kitchen area,
Work in Progress:
·         We still have the greenhouse to assemble.
The community plot requires fencing off.

·         Consult groups based in neighboring community centre in Forest Road to see a community plot would be suitable for their group to use )
·         Consult the residents of nearby sheltered housing for the retired
·         Seek support from the local MPs, town councilors and the Council

Bank: TSB, Account Name: WLAA(Walkers Lane Allotment Association) , Sort Code: 77-32-12, Account No. 25766768
·         Chairman Paul Cooper ,
·         Treasurer Nikki Lindon ,
·         Secretary Phil Howell ,
·         Walkers Lane Allotment Association :

#TheBigLunch 2018 that we celebrated in the Communal Area of Project 18 on June 30th:

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