17th November 2016 minutes

Walkers Lane Allotment Association meeting 17thNovember 2016

VenueShining light Centre. Blue room. Forest Rd, Saint Helens WA9 4BF

Apologies received

Billy McLoughlin. Marie Powell. John Ormrod. Ian Grace. Paul Gerrard.


Paul Cooper      (Chairman)
Iain Campbell   (Secretary)
Phil Howell       (Treasurer)

Members Attended

Dave Traverse. Malcolm Bailey. Nikki Lindon. Myra Summer. Glenys Lay. Alan Lay. Ste Wilshaw.
Jim Bolton. Mark Watts. Terry Hobin. Jean Weeks. Martin Jones. Irene Campbell. John Clee. Bev Clee.


Chairman Paul Cooper opened the meeting at 7.00pm welcomed all members and thanked them for attending the first meeting of Walkers lane Allotment Society and further added, as this is the first meeting the discussion was open for any member to raise points of concern or interest with the secretary making bullet points to be reviewed at a later date.

(1)    A question was raised regarding to possibility of a site Skip for waste disposal as it would appear other allotments have this facility.
(2)    Various members pointed out that the path weeding is not being carried out to its full extent, this includes the perimeter fence area causing it to look unkempt.
(3)    Concern was raised regarding vacant/empty plots as they always appear to be left to become overgrown with weeds causing new tenants and surrounding plots problems. Also asked if they could be split into smaller plots and the speed of re letting the plots made quicker.
(4)    Concerns regarding Rabbits and pest control as most plot holders had experienced significant damage to crops with the Rabbit population rapidly increasing.
(5)    Nikki Lindon Asked for help/advice as her plot frequently floods causing loss of crops or making the plot unworkable.
(6)    All members raised concerns regarding security and poor perimeter fencing
(7)    The small gate at the top end of the allotment has a faulty padlock and is often unable to be locked with the gate being left open.
(8)    Most members expressed an interest in receiving wood chippings from the council
(9)     Paul cooper (Chairman) pointed out that we now also have a website and email address and the details will be posted on the noticeboard ASAP. Paul Cooper also informed the members that membership fees for the coming year will be calculated once we have new insurance quotations.
It was resolved, initial action, to send letters to the appropriate persons outlining the problems highlighted in an effort to seek rectification.
Paul Cooper (Chairman) closed the meeting at 9.00pm and informed the members the next meeting will be held at the same venue on 16th February 2017. 7.00pm to 9pm and thanked everyone for attending and their enthusiastic input. 

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